Buy 2, get 10% off with code BUNDLE.
Buy 2, get 10% off with code BUNDLE.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Freeman’s research conducted?

Our team of data experts deploys carefully crafted surveys to a pool of over 450,000 people each wave and compares results to our proprietary benchmarks.

Who are the participants?

Our audiences include event marketers, event organizers, exhibitors, and attendees all across the United States.

When is the research conducted?

We conduct pulse surveys every 6-8 weeks and publish reports soon after we’ve compiled the information. That means the data is not only comprehensive — it's fresh.

What all is included in the price of each report?

You get access to the report purchased as a downloadable PDF. Core reports come with an executive summary as well. With the purchase of any report, you also get an invite to an exclusive webinar with our team of data experts that dives into the report and offers time for valuable Q&A.

What if I have questions when I dive into the report?

We have an entire team of event strategy experts who are available as a resource for your team—whether it’s on an hourly or by-project basis. You can always reach out to to ask a question or schedule a call.